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What is the Inspirational Transformational Network? It is a hub where ordinary everyday people can share their extraordinary stories with the world through the mediums of video, text and art. It is a nexus for those who wish to lift the world’s vibration through the words of love, hope and compassion. It is a place that everyday souls, on the path to enlightenment, may call their voice, their audience and of course their home. This place, your network, has been created for you as your podium to the world; we trust you will use it wisely, for the uplifting of humanity and our planet. Much love and many blessings to all.

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Latest Videos From the Inspirational Transformational Network

Gloria Messenger - Angel Artist and Spiritual Messenger

Gloria Messenger shares her beautiful story of transformation from stressed-out Real Estate Agent to Angel Artist and Spiritual Messenger as she recal... (More...)
Barbara Goodwin - Hypnotherapy, Smoking Cessation

Passionate Hypnotherapist Barbara Goodwin shares her story of transformation which began at the age of 59 with her journey into self discovery whilst ... (More...)
Charlotte Szivak - Esoteric Teachings

Charlotte Szivak is an internationally renowned intuitive who shares powerful messages and esoteric teachings. Charlotte touches on topics ranging fr... (More...)
Philip McCluskey - Weight loss, Raw Food Expert

Philip McCluskey shares his inspirational message about letting go and choosing love in the moment. Philip weighed 181.4 Kilograms (400 pounds) and w... (More...)
Roberta Keesick and Barbara Fobister - Environmental and Native Rights

Roberta Keesick and Barbara Fobister of Grassy Narrows share a glimpse into the atrocities that have occurred to the land, water and people of Grassy ... (More...)
Robert Moore - Transformation, Recovered Addict, Reformed Criminal

Robert Moore shares the sometimes gruesome details of his life's journey which spirals into sever alcohol and drug addiction, crime, homelessness, vio... (More...)
Heather Keeso - Firewalk, empowerment, transformation

Heather Keeso had spent a great deal of time seeking the key to her healing. From the moment Heather "stumbled" upon Firewalking her life has been tr... (More...)
Judy Tucker - Holistic Healing

Judy Tucker a Spiritual Intuitive who works with Micro Organism elimination, EFT, Reiki, Magnetic Resonance Stimulation, homoeopathy and nutrition. In... (More...)
AlixSandra Parness 'Joy Factor' - Activating Joy, blessings and enlightenment

Dr AlixSandra Parness is a gifted healer, teacher, presentor and author. She is a Minister and the founder and director of The International School Fo... (More...)
Caleb Booker - Hypnotherapy, EFT, transformation of self

Caleb Booker shares his insights on a number of fascinating topics including his explanation on why change is difficult. He also lets us in on the pat... (More...)
Jennifer Schramm - Eating Disorder, Self-esteem

Jennifer Schramm's drive to help others is palpable. This drive was created once Jennifer healed herself of a debilitating eating disorder. With a tra... (More...)
Lori D'Ascenzo Part 1 - Living souls purpose - healer, publisher, designer, medium, writer

Lori D'Ascenzo is a vibrational healer, energy healer, publisher and medical research writer. She is an artist and multi-disciplined award-winning des... (More...)
Jason Cook - Peruvian Energy Medicine, Depression, OCD

Jason Cook shares the story of stepping on to his soul path and speaks of the unfoldment of his understanding of Peruvian Energy Medicine healing. For... (More...)
Nadine Mercey Part 1 - Vibrational Healer, Psychic

Nadine Mercey shares her story of transformation from the busy full-time working sales superstar / mother, to hitting a health crisis that catapulted ... (More...)
David Donnelly Part 1 - Art of Life Force Energy known as "Qicology" (Chee-Cology)

David Donnelly has spent this lifetime on a quest for knowledge on every level of being. He has spent over a decade researching and integrating divers... (More...)
David Hickey Part 1 - Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls, Vibraphone, Santoor and Sound Creation Gongs

David Hickey was born with music in his soul. David shares with us his personal journey in allowing his passion and purpose to naturally unfold, resul... (More...)
Christine Whelan Part 1 - Paranormal

Christine Whelan is a Writer, Personal Consultant, Social Service Worker and a Lightworker. From childhood Christine was drawn to a property where the... (More...)
Tahira Badre Part 1 - Bellydance, Abusive Relationship

Bellydance transformed Tahira Badre's life from one of existing in an oppressed, depressed and abused state to one where she was alive, joyous, peacef... (More...)
Dr AlixSandra Parness Part 1 - Healer, Teacher, Presenter and Author

Dr AlixSandra Parness is a gifted healer, teacher, presentor and author. She is a Minister and the founder and director of The International School Fo... (More...)
Micheal Teal Part 1 - Poet , Psychic , Paranormal Investigator , CyberShaman, Intuitive Counselor

Micheal Teal The Ancient One is a Poet , Psychic , Freelance Writer , Paranormal Investigator , CyberShaman , Columnist , Reviewer , Mystic Intuitive ... (More...)
Cathy Marie Buchanan Part 1 - Author, Environmentalist

Cathy Marie Buchanan is a creative, passionate and truly inspirational soul. My favorite novel for 2010 has been her debut novel, The Day the Falls St... (More...)
Shantree Kacera Part 1 - Permaculture, forest gardening, live food, Ayuvedic Nutrition

Shantree Kacera, the founder of The Living Centre - Eco-Spiritual Sanctuary a piece of paradise located just outside of London Ontario, shares a wealt... (More...)
Lorena Bousquet Kacera Part 1 - Shamanu Eath Based Wisdom, Healing, Raw Food

Lorena Bousquet Kacera is the creator of Shamanu Eath Based Wisdom, a beautiful healing movement therapy arising from her own physical-spiritual heali... (More...)
Cameron Donsberger Part 1 - Artist, Actor, Vision Quest

As Cameron Donsberger stood at a crossroads of his life, he experienced something that ignited a spark within him, resulting in the overwhelming sense... (More...)
Eric Hul Part 1 - Encounters with other worldly beings

Do you wonder if there is life on other planets? Eric Hul shares his incredible experience with other worldly beings and brings a message of joy and p... (More...)
Brian Jean Louis Part 1 - Addiction Recovery, abuse, hitting rock bottom, finding God

Brian Jean Louis's story is initially one of loss, abuse, sadness, addiction, crime hitting rock bottom and eventually finding God. Today there is so ... (More...)
Jewelee Part 1 - Psychic Medium

Jewelee is a talented psychic medium who was born with this gift and blessing and now has dedicated her life to assisting others heal. Jewelee is very... (More...)
Jamie Lee Part 1 - Yogi, Artist

Jamie Lee is a talented artist who lives the yogic lifestyle. Teaching and inspiring others with both the art of yoga and through his incredible paint... (More...)
Yasmin Fudakowska Gow Part 1 - Yogini artist, writer, speaker and activist

Yasmin Fudakowska Gow, a yogini artist, writer, speaker and activist and the owner of Om West Holistic Centre has issued the world a challenge! Do som... (More...)
Natasha Kyssa Part 1 - Raw Food, Longevity, Vitality, Eating Disorder

Natasha Kyssa shares her journey through the darkness of depression and the debility of eating disorders to the light of living a healthy Live, Raw Fo... (More...)
Jenny Mannion Part 1 - Healing self, Reconnective Therapy, Gratitude

Jenny Mannion found her love for healing in healing herself. Jenny went from being chronically ill for YEARS with Fibromyalgia, Benign Hypermobility S... (More...)
Amy Park Part 1 - Child Abuse, Anxiety, Hypnotherapy, NLP

Amy Park shares her moving story of personal healing after suffering childhood abuse and severe anxiety. Amy transformed her life after experiencing t... (More...)
Dr Tony Cicoria Part 1 - After being clinically dead now has special musical abilities

After being struck by lightning and having a near-death experience, Dr Tony Cicoria began receiving what he terms "downloads" in the form of music com... (More...)
Tamara Strupp Part 1 - Homeopath

Tamara Strupp is a passionate Homeopath who has a love for helping others and increasing public awareness of homoeopathy through education. Tamara has... (More...)
Tashene Wolfe Part 1 - Near Death Experience, healer, medium and author

Tashene Wolfe went from being a good Born Again Christian, mother and wife, through a near death experience, into a life as a gifted healer, medium, c... (More...)
Angela McFetridge Part 1 - Mental, Physical, Emotional Abuse

Author Angela McFetridges true life relationship story is a bizarre, mind-boggling rollercoaster ride complete with mental and physical abuse, kidnapp... (More...)
Catherine Graham Part 1 - Life Turn Around

Catherine Graham, in a few short years transformed her life. After recognizing the need to forgive and heal a number of major events that occurred dur... (More...)
Jacinda Martin Part 1 - Near Death, Loss of Child

The Jacinda Martin story is that of a transformation from being 9 months pregnant one minute and told you will never walk again the next. Following th... (More...)
ITTV Part 1 of 3 - Dr Sean Armstrong - Naturopathic Medicine

Amy takes ITTV Show back to her hometown in Ontario, a known cancer spike location, where she meets with Naturopathic Doctor Sean Armstrong. Sean shar... (More...)
Mike Bietsol - Part 1 - ITTV Show - Healing with herbs

Mike Bietsol is a man who defies odds. Classified as mentally handicapped as a child, Mike did what no doctor was able to do, Mike treated his vision ... (More...)
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